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Chair of Building Physics

 u p d a t e   Tuesday, September 25, 2007


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   Software developed at the Chair of Physics of     Buildings:

Energy Design Guide I

Energy Design Guide I is a tool for the optimization of the building envelope: thermal conduction, window size and quality for low thermal energy need in the early phases of planning.

download: www.pinpoint-online.ch

Energy Design Guide II is a tool for the quantitative judgement of energy and power needs of buildings due to a local climate. (Available from October 2007)

download: www.pinpoint-online.ch


   Other Software in use at our Chair:



A tool for integrated lighting design for indoor daylighting and artificial lighting performance.
A tool for hygro-thermal analysis of building components which gives information about the heat flux in any section.



Heat transfer simulations in building components, 3D & 2D:
HEAT2 - 2-dimensional heat transfer
HEAT3 - 3-dimensional heat transfer

Calculates the thermal balance of buildings, heating energy need, comprises forms for SIA 380/1 and Minergie. (BEW-accredited)



Global meteorological database for solar energy and applied climatology. Used mainly for producing input weather data for use in other programs.

Room acoustics simualtion, auralisation.

Heat transfer simulations in building components, 3D & 2D:
TRISCO - steady state heat transfer
VOLTRA - transient heat transfer
RADCON - radiative and convective heat transfer.



Ray tracing software for indoor daylighting simulation.



Calculations with this program provide energy certificates, physical values of building parts related to condensation, temperature flow, and instationary heat flux - all coherent with swiss SIA standards.
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