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 u p d a t e   Thursday, December 04, 2003


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Guidelines for low energy residential buildings in Southern China

Collaborator: Dr. Tian Yuan, dipl. Arch. HIT

Start: 04/1999
End: 03/2001

Contacts: B. Keller


Funds: own resources

The promotion of the region of the Yantse-kiang (200 mio people) is of highest priority in China and with it the key province of Jiangsu (Nanjing). In view of the growing comfort demands of the population, the province government of Jiangsu considers the introduction of energy saving building standards. In collaboration with South East University in Nanjing (Prof. Liu, Prof. Chi Kang), the climate is therefore analysed with the aid of climate-surfaces for energy saving potentials. These potentials are then exploited by the Chinese post-doctoral fellow and transferred onto the local situation: climate, habits, materials, costs. First results are attained and a contract with a developer for residential areas has been signed.


The goal:

Development of low energy residential buildings for Jiangsu and later for other areas of China. Our knowledge should thus get an effect on the global energy and CO2 balance as fast as possible.

Index terms:



energy, sustainability, residential buildings
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