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 u p d a t e   Thursday, December 04, 2003


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Building-energy relevant climate characteristics

Collaborator: Sabine Bödefeld, Dipl.Phys
Start: 06/1997
End: 12/2000

Contacts: B. Keller, E. Magyari


Funds: Research Fund ETHZ

 The development of climate-surfaces demonstrated the reducibility of the thermal characterisation of a room to only three parameters and the possibility to visualise the energetic relevant properties by a climate-surface. With these parameters the "free-run-temperature" as the most relevant thermal characteristic of a room can be computed from climate data. The design temperatures for heating and cooling have thus been given as function of these parameters and therefore the influence of solar radiation and thermal inertia considered explicitly. The climate surfaces are traced back to three relevant parameters allowing the energy relevant characterisation of any kind of climate.


The goal:

The representation of the energy relevant part of climate data in a most informative and concentrated way. A globally valid characterization of climates relevant for the energy need.

This goal has been attained and the project has been completed with the PhD Thesis No 14010, "The relevant climate characteristics for the energy need of a room". The existence of a common, universal relationship which governs the thermal interaction of a room with the local climata everywhere in the world has been proven, and a practical planning instrument ("XY-representation") has been elaborated.

Index terms:



energy, climate, design values, building physics

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