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Chair of Building Physics

 u p d a t e   Thursday, December 04, 2003


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 Building Technology for Students of Architecture

The lectures in Building Technology II - IV (Building Physics) have been totally revised in order to adapt them better to the world of thinking of architectural design: from urban design to the building to the construction detail.

Building Technology I:
Building Materials 

  • 1st term, 2 h

Essential materials for construction and design: mineral materials, wood, metal, glass and synthetics are presented and compared with regard to their constructional, physical and chemical characteristics, energy content, recyclability, sustainability and consistency of quality. These lectures are coordinated with those on statics. A terminological basis is established for later contact with consultants and relevant literature.

Building Technology II:
 Urban Design Aspects:  Acoustics, Daylighting and  Fire Protection 

  • 2nd term, 4 h
  • The basics of room acoustics and noise protection from the planning measure to the technical reaction, the relevant calculation procedures and basic terminology are transmitted. The fundamentals of daylighting are introduced and discussed on successful and unsuccessful realisations. Fire protection deals with the origin and development of a fire and the material properties under fire. Appropriate software packages on the CAAD network support the work with these topics.

    Building Technology III:
     The Energetics of a Building 

    • 3rd term, 3 h

    The building is set in relation to its inner (comfort) and external (climate) boundary conditions. The conditions for a low energy need at high comfort are deduced. The stationary as well as the non-stationary behaviour of elements and rooms are explained and computed. The characteristics of transparent elements as well as the air infiltration are considered. On this base a universally valid strategy for low energy buildings is deduced. This is supported by appropriate software.

    Building Technology IV:
    The Fundamentals of  Construction 

    • 4th term, 2 h

    The moisture balance of a room as well as the transport of moisture across the shell and its interaction with the thermal properties (thermal bridges etc.) are considered in detail. The relevant computation procedures are demonstrated and rules for the construction and design deduced and illustrated.

       A detailed list of contents is available (in German only).

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